Gospel and Mission

Happy January!

You are more than welcome to join our local Deptford community. This year you might think that new goals and new resolutions will be lasting and you will finally complete something important. Our community is challenging you to reach out to God, Lord Jesus and meditate and pray upon His promises for you. Since God has given your wonderful gifts that could be used for His glory, reflect on it and think - What God would like me to do this year? Rather than focusing on yourself, look at our Saviour Jesus Christ and listen quietly to his promises and guidance in your life.

With love, Deptford Zion Chapel Community

December Sunday Service

Join our lovely Sunday Worship!

10:30 at Zion Chapel, New Cross area right in front of the Greenhouse Deptford café.

6.30pm The Gathering 

예배시간 안내 10:30

Friday Movie Night

Hello all,

This Friday we welcome all to join Movie Night at Zion Chapel Baptist Church. We will be sharing snacks, pop-corn and warm winter tea. Feel free to join and explore classic English movies with us.

Starting time: 20:00 

See you all

Sunday Worship 12/11/2017

This Sunday we have the Lords Supper, followed by a shared meal. Thank you all for bringing a dish to share with the church congregation.

Are you searching for truth? Join our Bible studies and find all answers.